What are we doing to leave a better Hesperia for our kids and grandkids?

There are thousands of families in our community working hard, building their lives in Hesperia but when our children and grandchildren grow up, what are we leaving behind for them? Will this be a community they want to raise their own families?

  • Do we have the jobs they need?
  • Do we have the amenities they want?
  • Do we provide the opportunities for them to build their own future?

What is Hesperia 2034?

The mission of Hesperia 2034 is to build a Hesperia for our children and grandchildren to thrive, with good jobs, a great lifestyle and unlimited opportunity!
We are asking you to join us on this awesome journey, not to help us, not even to help you, but to help create a Hesperia that our children and grandchildren will be proud to call home!



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