Will we be the parents and grandparents of great leaders? Or only their grandkids?
We are asking you to join us on this awesome journey, not to help us, not even to help you, but to help create a Hesperia that our children and grandchildren will be proud to call home!

vision The Vision

Hesperia Chamber of Commerce is coordinating Hesperia 2034 efforts to build a thriving community for our future generations.

The visioning process began with the surveys that we are encouraging you to take. Once we have a sizeable quantity of surveys, we will tabulate the results and share them with our stakeholders. This will then lead to the creation of a Hesperia2034 Advisory committee that will decide on next steps.

Next steps will include creating a plan to address the results of the survey as well as creating sub-committees to address different areas of concern. A timeline will be created to manage different phases of the process.

backstory The Backstory

In 2014, the Hesperia Chamber of Commerce hired a new CEO, Brad Letner who reached out to the community to learn from them how the Chamber of Commerce could make a positive impact. One of the first people who responded was Tom O’Connell, an attorney who lived in Hesperia but worked in Riverside. In conversation, Tom mentioned that the likelihood of his children wanting to live and work in Hesperia when they grew up were quite low because of the lack of amenities available in the High Desert.

From those early conversations, the initial purpose grew… from just a few people at the Chamber making a positive impact, to leading a movement to build a city for our future generations to thrive. A 20 year plan seemed reasonable so we christened this movement, Hesperia 2034!

When Brad shared his vision with the elected officials in the city (Hesperia City Council, Hesperia Unified School District and Hesperia Recreation and Park District), they too were excited and wanted to help. All three elected boards voted unanimously to join and support the Hesperia2034 project.

It started with a dream of making a difference. The Hesperia of 2034 and beyond starts with a dream too. Share yours!