This was a unique event, at least in SoCal!

Driving home from an event yesterday, I was listening to KFI talk radio and heard an exchange between two of the hosts. ” This Pokémon craze is wild. I was at Santa Monica Pier and there were tons of people there with their heads in their phones.” The other host quipped,”What I am surprised about is that no one has thought of organizing an event to lure in these people.” I yelled at the phone, Hesperia did, Hesperia did!!!

This past week, on August 25, the Hesperia Civic Plaza Park was bustling with the energy of hundreds of Poke-hungry residents. Hesperia2034 along Hesperia Recreation and Park District organized this event with a live simulcast from Y-102 radio station . Whether a Pokémon fan or not, for this crowd, this was an evening to remember! The PokePalooza went from 5:00pm to 7:00pm followed by a showing of (wouldn’t you know it) the Pokémon Movie! There was food, fun activities and hundreds of people having a good time!

According to what I heard on KFI, our city was unique in creating an event for their residents based around the Pokémon craze! Agreed that this was not a life-changing moment or a monumental step at anything, but it was an answer to the question, “How can we help in creating delight in our community?”

Watch this video below to get a glimpse into what a fun night it turned out to be. The video was created by the Vice-President of the Hesperia Recreation and Park District board, Jose Gonsalez.

Enjoy and give us your thoughts in the comments!

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