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Although this movement was spearheaded by the Hesperia Chamber, there are many stakeholders that have come together to help formulate and execute a plan over the next 18 years that to help our city thrive! All these agencies have a vested interest and desire in understanding and serving our resident’s needs.



Formed in 1954 under the leadership of Penn Phillips, this organization is the premier voice of small businesses and commercial enterprises in the High Desert.


Hesperia’s past is rich with the history of the Mojave Indian Tribe, Spanish settlers, and the westward travelers of the Mormon Trail. Today, Hesperia is dedicated to enhancing our safe, friendly community, while blending a rural lifestyle with progress and responsible growth.

hesperia-unified-school-destrict HESPERIA UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICT

HUSD currently includes over 30 schools in the district. The district serves and educates over 23,000 students.  HUSD is also the largest employer in the high desert with over 2,500 staff members.


Established in 1957, the mission of HRPD is to enrich the quality of life for our community by providing a variety of leisure time and recreation activities, parks, and facilities that promote health and wellness, learning, and fun.